It has taken me a while to decide what I want to say as I reflect upon my first year of University; particularly when trying to find the positive aspect within what has been a very difficult year. As I write this, having just emptied my flat in halls, returning home for three whole months… Continue reading Reflections

No longer anonymous

For a few months I’ve been writing a blog composed of a mixture of self-indulgent ramble and mediocre poetry in an attempt to better understand myself and the mental illness (though I am uncomfortable in labeling it as such) that I’ve been trying to deal with for a few years.  Up till now, I’ve been doing… Continue reading No longer anonymous

The Tsunami

It always comes back to this, doesn't it?  Mascara stained sheets with arms reddened and scratched to bits.  What started it off?  My mind is lost.  A tsunami of thoughts crushing the walls of stability that hold my mind at peace.  I've refrained from sharing something so honest for a little while because I found… Continue reading The Tsunami

A good hypocrite but a bad poet

"Beach body ready in 6 weeks!"    Scream the adverts attacking my eyes, with the image of a rippling torso displaying the ideal guy and for the girls? A flat stomach to compliment the abs displayed to the left and lets not forget the ladies' perfect chest. Why is one frame suitable for sand and sun?… Continue reading A good hypocrite but a bad poet

An amateurs poetry, take two

Marshmallow No calories, that’s me, Let your will power go free! Enjoy one or two, What harm could it do? That’s right, take your pick— Oh dear, oh no! Stop- it’s all a trick! Why...didn’t you know?   There’s sugar in me, and sugar is bad You’re even fatter now, doesn’t that make you sad?… Continue reading An amateurs poetry, take two

Hot then cold, yes then no…

I've spoken briefly before about my many contradictions and now I think it's time to elaborate- introducing another list for your perusal. I regard myself as of no-more than average intelligence and yet I am constantly disappointed or underwhelmed with my grades for not being good enough, even when I know that if my friends… Continue reading Hot then cold, yes then no…