April'17 · Poetry

I feel sad (personification)

I feel sad for the Daffodills blooming in their box on a shelf, confined to the supermarket walls never to be delicately placed in a vase never to complete a table, or bring a smile to a face lightened by the spring sun. I wonder, do they feel?   I feel sad for the birthday… Continue reading I feel sad (personification)


1, 2, Freddie’s coming for you…

I have nightmares. My nightmares aren't quite what you would find in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' but on the mornings that I have woken up crying with immediate thoughts of arteries and hot baths- Freddie would seem like a rather pleasant way to spend my morning. My nightmares are not exactly the life-or-death nightmares… Continue reading 1, 2, Freddie’s coming for you…