April'17 · Poetry

The Wall

I sat down with the wall, two beings uniquely connected

yet disconnected all the same,

the distance of the table between us stretching for an age

an unsolvable gap? That’s what we’re here to find out;

to discuss the familiar topics, repeat the old conversations,

to try yet again to understand one another

without either really understanding ourselves.


And so I began; addressing the wall with a formality that doesn’t suit the relationship,

too distant, too formal for someone with whom I share blood.

And as I began, I knew the wall would not listen, my words like a boomerang,

bouncing back into my ears only,

the walls own ears blocked by an unwillingness to understandĀ the creature that stood opposite itself- me.

And as the collective collected voice we initially adopted evaporated into the air

so too did the hope that a relationship could be salvaged,

that the gap could be closed,

that an understanding could be reached.


I still see the wall, bound by a mutual connection without sharing a connection ourselves.

Stilted “How are you’s?” the extent of our repertoire,

a polite inquiry for the sake of politeness and the sake of those around us,

but yet, in some way, detrimental to my own sake.

Stilted “Goodbye”‘s the end of our repertoire,

until the next time, until the cycle begins again,

until again, I see the wall.







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