April'17 · Ramble

No longer anonymous

For a few months I’ve been writing a blog composed of a mixture of self-indulgent ramble and mediocre poetry in an attempt to better understand myself and the mental illness (though I am uncomfortable in labeling it as such) that I’ve been trying to deal with for a few years.  Up till now, I’ve been doing this anomalously because my mental health is something I’ve really struggled to open up about and I am aware of the stigma surrounded the discussion of mental health (particularly referring to people as ‘attentions seekers’) which I found off putting. I  do, however, believe wholeheartedly that it is a topic nobody should be ashamed to discuss (although I’m also a pretty terrible writer, so forgive me for that) so I’ve decided to stop being a hypocrite because it doesn’t matter how terrible my writing may be, what’s important is that I become part of the conversation as we all should do. So my blog name is silly but my writing is honest and I hope that in doing so I may be able to show someone else that it’s okay to not be okay and to not be ashamed of that. Truthfully? I’m going through a period of not being okay right now and if not to prove it to someone else, this is to further prove to myself that it’s okay to not be okay (and its okay to write ramble if it helps your own well being, even if it helps no one else). I also want to take this chance to reach out to anyone else who is affected by mental health. Don’t feel alone; if you feel like you can’t talk to anyone you know on a more personal level then please do not hesitate to get in touch, maybe we can write crappy poetry together.

This is the paragraph I have just posted on all of my personal social media accounts because I’ve decided to no longer write anomalously; to become a more open and unashamed part of the mental health conversation.

So Hello, my name is Sophie and I’m a 19 year old student of Psychology and Criminology. My mental health is less than ideal and I’ve yet to find out a suitable way of fixing this (if there really is fix). My face is below (in my first ever selfie) and is as mediocre as my writing but it’s time to believe that that’s also okay.

blog photo 2


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