April'17 · Poetry

I feel sad (personification)

I feel sad for the Daffodills

blooming in their box on a shelf,

confined to the supermarket walls

never to be delicately placed in a vase

never to complete a table,

or bring a smile to a face lightened by the spring sun.

I wonder, do they feel?


I feel sad for the birthday cake,

that has reached it’s sell by date

and now sits lost, alone, reduced

never to see the smile of the birthday guest

illuminated by the delicately placed candles

with eyes swimming with the possibility of a wish

as the small whips of smoke carry their secret to the wind.

I feel sad for their sake.


I feel sad for the last lonely creature in the pet store,

spinning endlessly in his little wheel

wondering where his brothers have gone

and where too, he’ll be going soon

as the distorted faces press against the window of his world

quickly disinterested, quickly moving on,

saving their excited squeals for another.

I wonder, do they want more?


I feel sad for the discarded toys,

abanoned on the charity shop floor,

rememering the love of a childs grip,

a grip that has now grown too old for such love

and so with a 50pence sticker -perhaps there is a price for love-

they wait, hoping to light up the eyes of a new child,

whilst dreading to start the process of love to loss, all over again.

I feel sad for the lost loves of girls and boys.


I feel sad for the browning Christmas tree,

as time races towards the 25th,

with dropping branches, naked without the baubles

that it was born to display.

Nothing surrounding it’s trunk but the discarded needles

of it’s fellows who found a home and presents to protect.

I wonder, why didn’t we leave it be?


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