A good hypocrite but a bad poet

“Beach body ready in 6 weeks!” 


Scream the adverts attacking my eyes,

with the image of a rippling torso displaying the ideal guy

and for the girls? A flat stomach

to compliment the abs displayed to the left

and lets not forget the ladies’ perfect chest.

Why is one frame suitable for sand and sun?

Does a size 12 not deserve to have fun?

Why should a guy care for the percentage of his body fat

when we live in a world with infinitely more important things than that?

Why are we told that a bikini only belongs on the slim,

that a man with a belly is something quite grim?

If we’re happy and healthy than who cares for muscles!

Don’t we all have far more important troubles?

I despise these adverts, plastered on every bus stop,

creating an intimidating backdrop,

that even invades my Facebook feed-

and can someone please tell me where is the need

for making us regular folk feel so unappealing,

which is seemingly becoming such a regular feeling,

and why should a season determine our looks,

in an image-obsessed culture that I once partook?

Well then, “store body fat for winter! Keep in the warmth!”

and then insert an image of your average person, someone of the norm.

Don’t give in to this notion,

this self-deprecating motion;

a holiday should not be preceded with the stress of ‘mandatory’ weight loss,

you look wonderful in your bikini

and if others disagree? Who gives a toss!

So I urge you all, if such adverts affront your eyes,

to remember this poem and to such silly ideas- bye bye.


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